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Ski-Touring And Free-ride videos:

Getting up into the mountains is lots of fun. It is always difficult to try and explain to people the thrill and excitement of skiing deep powder or of going ski-touring into the high mountains. To solve this problem and to prove to our friends that we really were doing some exciting stuff my friend Werner Braun and I decided that we would try and make some videos of our (and the teams) exploits. Hopefully these are a bit of fun and we hope that you enjoy watching them.

Powder Day Engelberg, Switzerland, 2010

The first video is some footage we shot on a glorious powder day in Engelberg in the area of the Grosse and the Kleine Sulzli. By the way don’t do this without a guide. Our guide on this day was Sami Speck he’s an unassuming guide from Engelberg but if you’re lucky over a good lunch he may just tell you about guiding people up the north face of the Eiger or even climbing Mt. Fitz Roy in Argentina.

Backcountry Touring in Bannalp, Engelberg Valley, Switzerland, 2011.

The second video is shot in the Engelberg valley at a place called Bannalp. It is a nice area for touring and the team and I were being taught ski-touring skills by the Engelberg guide Remo Baltermia. 30cm of powder fell overnight on this trip, so you can imagine it was a pretty amazing tour. In particular watch out for Remo’s rockstar moment shredding deep powder at the end of the film. Great skiing.

Jungfraujoch to Hollandia Hutte across the Aletsch Glacier, 2011.

This is a short two day tour starting from the Jungfraujoch station, the highest in Europe, which is built into the mountain between the peaks of the Monch and the Jungfrau. Fredi Krummenacher was our expert guide. The tour crosses the Jungfrau Aletsch glacier and you overnight at the Hollandia Hutte (3,200m). I suffered from altitude sickness here but a dose of ibuprofen got me through. Next day we did a small ascent and then descended into the Lotschentaal valley, back to Kandersteg and home.

CBSM Kimilili, Kenya. Volunteering with a primary school in western Kenya for 300 orphans and vulnerable children.

Here are some short films we made during our stay at the primary school CBSM Kimilili in Western Kenya. At the moment we are still trying to raise funds to build a permanent structure out of stone to replace the current buildings of wood and mud. If you would like to get involved, please contact me. We are a small organisation, only 1 year old and we welcome new friends!

University of Southampton press release on my work with CBSM Kimilili:

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