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ESSAM G14 Consulting Team (L-R S. Yeo, P. Hatcher, W. Ellis, I. Christiansen, J. Burrows).

The MBA gives you a chance to learn the latest theories for success in business. Here I am at the European Summer School of Advance Management (ESSAM) in Denmark following our consultancy presentation of a new business model to INBIOM – a Danish innovation incubator and knowledge transfer centre. 

University of Southampton MBA

It’s AMBA accredited, so it’s a top MBA. I can highly recommend studying at Southampton for its top class lecturers and conducive learning environment. It’s also a great opportunity to work with different nationalities; students come from all over the world to study at the business school.

The course is split into core and optional modules. Core modules are: Effective Leadership, Organisations in Context, Contemporary Marketing, Quality and Operations Management, Accounting, Strategy, Corporate Finance, Managing People for Performance (HR) and Decision Modelling and Analysis.

For the options you have a choice of various modules. I enrolled in ESSAM which enabled me to follow my interests in consultancy, competitive strategy and sustainable development and strategic management in an EU perspective. My dissertation was entitled “The Development and Use of Social Media Marketing in Business Schools”. I chose this topic as it is a relatively under-researched area of business in my opinion.

I was awarded an MBA with merit in March 2012. I am currently looking for a job in Zurich, Switzerland where I live. I’m particularly interested in joining management consultancy practices or business development work.

If you want to know more about the University of Southampton MBA please get in touch.


I’ve recently taken the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP) Qualification. I completed the Project Management module on the MBA in addition to my studies because I see this is an important skill for managers. The PMP qualification builds on practical and academic knowledge to give you a valuable framework for delivering projects on time, within budget and to the required standard.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact me. I also recommend visiting your local chapter of the PMI. These provide excellent opportunities for maintaining your qualification through continuous learning as well as a valuable forum to meet fellow practitioners.

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